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"Study In Purple"

After Renoir's paintings of women with open blouses.

Although I used models for my 'Study in Female Curves' series, I continually strayed from adhering to true anatomy. None of these woman exist - they are all curve compositional studies.  I found an appreciation for El Greco's exceptionally tall and slender figures and elongated compositions. The lengthening accentuates the body in a more graceful way, allowing the viewer to appreciate the composition just a little longer as the eye travels down the painting.

In the cropping above, with the curves of the blouse removed, the more subtle curves in the model's hair, eyes, brows, and mouth can be examined.

There's a little self-portrait in all of my works. These are my eyes. It's great to have a mirror in my studio!

Above - Up close, you can see the numerous layers of colors.

Above - This close-up best shows the layers of paint - applied with a palette knife.

Below - high resolution final                 Below - low resolution final



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