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"Woman 1986"    -   A study in curves

This painting began and ended as a total exploration of curves. I began with sketches of wavy lines, criss-crossing vertically on the canvas. I then eliminated some and moved others until a structure began to form. I then tried to apply the curves to a woman's form.

I employed several models to check lighting and shapes, but still ended up twisting body parts to fit the composition. I moved (or stretched) the nose and cheekbones downward to deemphasize them. This allowed the eyes to be separately appreciated.

Above - the eyebrows, eyes and lips noticeably form an inverted triangle.

The heavy earring helps balance the left side of the painting.

This close-up shows some of the layers of color applied with a palette knife. I turned the knife on its side and pushed the paint to create the brow and eyelash hair. The irises of the eyes are dabs from a smaller palette knife.

Every color of the rainbow is in the iris of the eye.

Below - high resolution final                 Below - low resolution final

Woman 1986 hi res                                              Woman 1986 lo res


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